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JEGI's 20+ years of industry experience, extensive M&A database, in-depth financial analysis, and extraordinary buyer research offer immeasurable value to the transaction process.

Sell-side M&A assignments typically involve:

  • Examining the company/assets thoroughly through financial analysis, management interviews, and industry research;
  • Preparing a top-quality offering memorandum that accurately describes the company/assets, financial performance, compelling investment merits, and growth opportunities;
  • Generating a comprehensive database of potential acquirers, including strategic and financial buyers, screened to fit the criteria of the seller;
  • Offering the property through a confidential and personalized auction process designed to generate a range of favorable offers for the client to consider;
  • Overseeing management presentations and the due diligence process;
  • Creating a lively, well-orchestrated process leading to final bids; and
  • Playing a vital role in negotiations with final bidders to achieve a completed transaction with optimal price and terms.

Buy-side M&A assignments typically involve:

  • Developing an appropriate and effective strategy given current industry trends, market conditions, and competitive dynamics;
  • Determining likely sellers and/or strategic partners, derived from peer-level contacts in the industry, and proprietary and external data sources;
  • Contacting qualified prospects discreetly and confidentially;
  • Managing the due diligence process;
  • Structuring a mutually satisfactory offer; and
  • Negotiating the deal through to closing.

In all of its M&A assignments, JEGI strives to achieve maximum value and strong terms, with a keen focus on strategic fit and minimal disruption to the business - management and operations.