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The determination of value can be critical, and JEGI's ability to understand and determine the value of media, information, marketing services and related technology companies has been the cornerstone of the firm's services and its core expertise since its founding. JEGI provides independent valuations to help companies assess their worth for a variety of purposes:

  • Conduct merger and acquisition transactions;
  • Redeem shareholders' interests;
  • Determine tax liabilities;
  • Structure ESOPs;
  • Reorganize partner-owned or family-owned businesses; and
  • Serve any number of matters that require a formal determination of value by an independent third party.

JEGI's professionals combine a powerful assortment of analytical tools with real-world experience to objectively determine corporate worth in today's demanding marketplace. This includes taking into account public company comparables, recent comparable M&A transaction multiples – both public and private transactions, and discounted cash flow models. JEGI also utilizes its investment bankers' combined 200+ years of industry experience to provide analysis of the company's financial metrics, market dynamics, competition and operating history.

JEGI begins the valuation process by collecting key financial and business data. The firm then performs a thorough business review and financial analysis, along with complete review of the most important internal and external value drivers of the company. JEGI then uses its years of media, information, marketing services and related technologies industry experience and expertise to identify unique aspects of the business that may impact value. The final product is an independent analysis to ensure clients receive a high-quality, unbiased valuation.