“Our shareholders and senior management worked very closely with JEGI and Clarity to ensure a successful outcome in the sale of Imago to Clarion Events. The complex transaction involved engaging and negotiating with several interested parties, all carefully managed by JEGI and Clarity. Their in-depth understanding of the media business, as well as their expertise in valuing and assessing our company, proved to be crucial.”

Hugh Keeble & Mark Steel
Imago Techmedia

“The JEGI team is truly one of the smartest and most effective teams in the industry. They have been a trusted adviser for many years and their expertise and effort in this transaction were extremely effective and easily reduced our management team's workload by 30%. They put in a Herculean effort over the past many weeks, and their effectiveness drove an exceptional outcome. Not only did they do a fantastic job, they did it with grace and style, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them from day one through close. The end result was a win/win/win outcome. Our shareholders won, the Opus Team won, and we feel as if the PE firm won as well. This entire process could not have been done more effectively, and JEGI has a lifelong friend. ”

Monte Wood
Opus Agency

“Many thanks to the JEGI team for all your efforts in getting the sale of our Digital Marketing division to the finish line – a great outcome delivered on time and exceeding our expectations. Another successful transaction in the long-standing and valued relationship we enjoy with JEGI.”

Paul Sykes
Chief Financial Officer
DMG Information

“The entire team at JEGI worked hard and efficiently to get us a great deal. Once we decided on the best partner for us, JEGI really picked up the ball and coordinated every step along the way, participating actively throughout, and leaving nothing to chance. It was a pleasure to work with JEGI throughout the entire process.”

Ahmet Tuncay
Chief Executive Officer

“Working with JEGI is like bringing an NBA ringer to your street game. From start to finish they gave us everything: smarts, passion, judgement, experience, and relentless effort. We met with a number of bankers, and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice.”

Mitchell Reichgut
Chief Executive Officer
Jun Group

“Years ago, I had the chance to watch Michael Jordan play in a championship game in Chicago. It was equal parts graceful, powerful and astonishing – a performance unlike any I had ever seen. I feel much the same way about the JEGI team. You were strong strategically and tactically, as well as persistent and understanding. Somehow, JEGI made it look easy, which I know it wasn’t.”

Leo Mullen
Chief Executive Officer

“JEGI and Clarity proved to be great advisors, as well as great bankers. Their level of preparation and consultative approach made a big difference. And the quality of their work and advice during the process was even more impressive.”

Andre Lejeune
Chairman & CEO

“Clarity and JEGI took great trouble to really understand our business before preparing a deal process strategy. They managed a complex process with multiple bidders in a thorough, methodical and highly professional manner. I am delighted with the outcome for both our exiting and new investors. Thanks in large part to Clarity and JEGI, our business is well positioned for the next phase of growth.”

Neil Thackray
Chief Executive Officer
Briefing Media

“JEGI was instrumental in the sale of our advisory services business. They orchestrated and managed a process which resulted in a successful sale not just for us, the client, but also for the disposal asset as well. We received very good value for the asset we sold and the business was placed with a buyer that would ensure the continued success of the disposed asset. The JEGI team was professional, engaged and paid careful attention to every detail.”

John Bellizzi
Global Head of Corporate Development
Thomson Reuters

“Thank you, JEGI, for guiding us through the sale process. I can't imagine how anyone could have provided us with better strategy, management, and execution. The fantastic result of the transaction speaks for itself. ”

Maury Domengeaux
Chief Financial Officer
3Q Digital

“Jeff and the JEGI team did a fantastic job every step of the way, both during deal execution and in creating shareholder value. They were able to get us the right access to the right investors as well as bring in potential buyers that weren’t on our radar, before ultimately helping us achieve a great deal with the best buyer for the company. They ran a smooth and open process and were a great resource for the management team. We look forward to working with them again.”

Michael Hsieh
Chairman, ecVision
President, Fung Capital USA

“Richard and JEGI managed a very tight process, with precisely the right amount of buyers, that created a bidding scenario that not only optimized the transaction value, but also created a partnership for a successful future. I could not be happier with JEGI or the outcome.”

Paran Johar
Founder & CEO
Mobile Motion, LLC

“From day one to closing, JEGI delivered for all our stakeholders. Their relationships, team and reputation gave JEGI an unparalleled competitive advantage, which they used with style, integrity and skill. Working together we achieved excellent and timely results. JEGI will be the first call I make in future opportunities.”

Darwin Melnyk
Chief Executive Officer
IRON Solutions, Inc.

“JEGI helped us conceptualize and present the company to market in an innovative way that resulted in an outstanding outcome for all parties. The JEGI bankers ran the process with integrity and class; their remarkable attention to detail and timeline kept us on task and on schedule from start to finish.”

Henry Shapiro
Chief Executive Officer

“JEGI truly delivered extraordinary value in our transaction. They identified an opportunity to create a market leader in our sector by orchestrating a dual sale with Travel Planners. They created a seamless process that enabled both companies to fully realize the valuation economics of combining immediately after a simultaneous closing. After orchestrating a highly competitive and expertly run auction process, we found the ideal acquirer for both companies. We thank JEGI for bringing us this opportunity and exceeding all of our expectations.”

Michael Howe

“The team at Jordan, Edmiston did a fantastic job representing us throughout our sale process, from developing a strategic plan to carrying it out through every step to closing. We could not have navigated our way through the deal without their guidance, attention to every detail and first class service. They did a great job working for us and with our buyer and made it happen. We highly recommend JEGI as the premier banker in the media space.”

Joe & Patty St. Lawrence
RTM Productions

“The JEGI bankers were the ideal guides for our quickly growing company to find the right partner for the next stage of our business expansion. JEGI brought bidders to the table that we had never considered, and a valuable perspective in thinking about how the industry will unfold in the years ahead. JEGI believed in our business and our vision, and we believed in JEGI’s process and expertise, and from that the range of options created for us and the results were outstanding.”

Adam Cohen
Covenant Review

“On the number + on time + a buyer that truly represented management's first choice. That is an exceedingly rare trifecta as far as I am concerned. JEGI's ability to keep advancing the story and optimizing its delivery, and to steer wisely where necessary, made for a job very well done.”

Mark Giles

“We engaged JEGI to sell our Indaba business because of their extensive market knowledge of global strategic buyers and leading position as M&A advisors in the event industry. We were very satisfied with their advice and the outcome of our process.”

Steve Weitzner
President & CEO
Summit Professional Networks

“JEGI rocks. It was great doing this transaction together, and the full founding team at Distimo had the constant feeling that you were firing on all cylinders to get us the best possible deal and to make the transaction happen.”

Vincent Hoogsteder
CEO & Co-Founder

“The JEGI team were great to work with – kept us on track and found the perfect partner for our next stage of growth. They provided expert analytical thinking regarding our business, which does not fit neatly into any bucket. They always made themselves available and stayed focused on the outcome throughout the process.”

Bonnie Kintzer
Chief Executive Officer
Women's Marketing Inc.

“The JEGI team has handled multiple transactions for JD Events over the years, and I have been ecstatic with the results. They provide professional deal making expertise, in depth market research and a sophisticated process that will produce the best possible outcome for you and your company. Most importantly, over the course of many years and many deals, they have developed the single most trusted reputation in the media industry, and they have developed close relationships with all the key players and senior executive decision makers in the space…on both the buy side and the sell side. They are the experts in the tradeshow sector. I recommend JEGI to anyone who wants to work with the best.”

Joel A. Davis
Founder & CEO
JD Events

“Thanks go out to the JEGI team – you kept us focused and on top of the most pressing issues.”

John Bellizzi
Global Head of Corporate Development
Thomson Reuters

“We partnered with JEGI to help manage our successful acquisition with PwC. As our banker, JEGI helped us prepare for our discussions with potential buyers, helped us understand various approaches to structuring and integrating transactions, and ultimately, helped us close a transaction that evolved our business and optimized outcomes for the organization and our people. They were incredibly focused on the details, worked hard to keep the process on track, and provided valuable counsel at every step and stage.”

David Clarke
CEO & Co-Founder
BGT Partners

“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our transaction – and with our decision to partner with JEGI. We researched five firms in depth before choosing JEGI because of their long experience in our space, their broad contact network, their realistic perspective on our prospects in the market and the optimal positioning for our firm. JEGI delivered on every front. Their broad, high quality panel of prospective buyers included many that had never been on our radar screen. They helped us articulate a clear, strong message about our firm, and they expertly guided us through the many challenges and uncertainties that seem endemic to this type of process. Knowing that JEGI was in our corner gave a great deal of confidence at every turn. We are very pleased with how our auction was conducted – and with the final outcome. Without any doubt, JEGI was a superb partner.”

Bob Moss
CEO & Founder

“Working with JEGI on our most recent transaction – the sale of our Food Service shows – was a great experience for all involved. We were very happy with our options as presented by JEGI, and we were pleased with the process as well. JEGI met our objectives in finding a buyer that is both strategic and customer focused.”

Nancy Walsh
EVP, North America
Reed Exhibitions

“The JEGI team offers the perfect balance of professionalism, expertise and most importantly – outside the box thinking. They understood our firm's goals and what makes our offering unique, and kept our best interests at hand. As they guided our transaction, JEGI proved to be our most passionate and insightful advocates. I think of the team not just as business partners, but as friends and true partners.”

Alex Jutkowitz
Managing Partner
Group SJR

“JEGI helped us navigate an extraordinarily complex transaction. They provided structure, strategic counsel and a sense of urgency that was instrumental in reaching the finish line. They are organized, thoughtful and persistent and helped us avoid a number of land mines. I would highly recommend the JEGI Team.”

Andy Appelbaum
Domino Media Group, Inc.

“JEGI approached our opportunity innovatively, rather than treating it as just another deal. It is always refreshing – and rewarding – to do business with people who realize success often comes from looking at a situation differently. The net result of JEGI's creativity and connections was an enviable and standard-setting transaction in our industry.”

Chris McMurry
Chief Executive Officer
McMurry, Inc.

“We chose JEGI to represent us, because they understood right away the importance of positioning Agenda’s unique business model and its many untapped opportunities. They identified a strong pool of credible partners for us to join forces with and quickly narrowed their focus down to Reed Exhibitions, a company with a truly global view of the tradeshow landscape. The process was smooth and efficient. We could not have written a better ending to this process, and I salute the JEGI Team for being on top of its game from start to finish.”

Aaron Levant
Agenda, LLC

“We knew we needed a banker who had an in-depth understanding of our market dynamics and was capable of strategically positioning our business to prospective buyers. JEGI fully delivered on those needs, while also identifying hot button issues throughout the process and leading negotiations on all key aspects of our business, including financial, client level, diligence and stakeholder issues. JEGI showed incredible persistence in guiding us around and through the roadblocks to a successful transaction closing.”

Todd Earhart
MRSI, Inc.

“It was important to Infogroup that the divestiture of OneSource meet multiple goals – the right sale terms, the right timing, and the right go-forward relationship. The preparation, management, patience and advice that JEGI brought to the process were instrumental in meeting each of these goals.”

Kevin O'Brien
Managing Director
CCMP Capital Advisors

“After three highly successful transactions with JEGI, I couldn’t be more pleased with each of the outcomes. They have unrivaled market intelligence and continue to deliver best in class transaction execution capabilities. Every step of the way their advice, leadership and guidance has been thoroughly impeccable…and also highly professional. In our space, there is no other M&A firm that I would ever work with except JEGI…”

Bob Dethlefs
Chief Executive Officer

“Once again, JEGI helped dmg::events achieve a highly successful transaction outcome, with the divestiture of Evanta. The JEGI team ran a smooth and effective process and excelled in an ability to balance the interests of all interested parties – buyer, seller, and management – from start to finish, to keep the process moving and ensuring a positive dialogue throughout. We were extremely pleased with JEGI’s performance.”

Paul Sykes
Chief Financial Officer
dmg Information Group

“We appreciate JEGI for their partnership – from truly understanding our business and the substantial opportunity in the marketplace to matching us with potential buyers in line with our strategic direction. I, and the entire ePrize team, are thrilled with the outcome and thank JEGI for being well prepared and tenacious at every step of the process.”

Matt Wise

“We made the right choice in hiring JEGI to advise us on the sale of Aspire Media. JEGI brought market knowledge and insight along with excellent marketing, process and execution skills. JEGI played the pivotal role in helping us get to a great outcome and the ideal buyer. The transaction was a win-win for all involved, and we look forward to working with JEGI again on another assignment.”

Walter Florence
Managing Director
Frontenac Company

“Thanks to the JEGI team for the great job you did in getting the Northstar Travel Media deal closed. I was incredibly impressed with the diligence and hard work that you put into our transaction process, and you fully lived up to your commitment to dedicate whatever JEGI resources were needed to get the deal done. Anytime you need a reference, just let me know.”

Tom Kemp
Chairman & CEO
Northstar Travel Media

“I want to thank JEGI for the great work done by the entire team. At the beginning, I was told how much of a toll the process would take on me as CFO. Having successfully completed this sale together, I now know how important JEGI’s tireless work and tremendous talents – including the incredible efforts, energy and work of the more junior members of the team – were to getting it done. I offer my reference to the CFOs of any future prospective clients and will reassure them that their lives will be quite manageable and their outcomes successful with JEGI by their side.”

Linda Davachi
Northstar Travel Media

“From top to bottom, the JEGI team handled the Northstar Travel Media divestiture process flawlessly. Thorough, diligent, and highly professional, the team was fully committed to keeping the process on track and was available 24/7 to address any issue or roadblock that cropped up. JEGI knows full well that there are no shortcuts on the road to finding maximum value in the marketplace, and we wouldn’t hesitate to give them another important assignment.”

Andy Davis
Managing Director
BV Investment Partners

“Many thanks to JEGI for running a well-structured, highly-targeted auction process 24/7, which allowed me to focus on managing the company and meeting our performance targets. In positioning Conversen’s business to prospective buyers, JEGI helped immensely in bringing potential buyers quickly up to speed and then unlocking the company’s full value, through its total immersion in, and understanding of the business. JEGI’s services met all of my expectations and then some. Well done.”

Philip Chischportich

“In managing the sale process of our portfolio company, Experient (ultimately sold to Maritz), we had a close-up view of why JEGI has thrived as M&A advisors for the past 25 years. The firm’s constant focus on detail, 24/7 attention from the top management team, tireless and effective role in negotiations, and ability to manage the process and keep it on schedule all met the high standards of a blue chip firm. Thank you, JEGI!”

Amy Margolis
The Riverside Company

“We were drawn to the Jordan, Edmiston Group because of their expertise in SaaS and information transactions. The JEGI team was professional and hands-on over the course of the process, and their skills were invaluable in keeping our deal intact throughout the recent stock market volatility.”

Mark Hammond, CEO of The Retail Equation

“JEGI played an invaluable role as our co-advisor in the very successful sale of Empower Research to Genpact Limited, a global leader in business process and technology management. With its dual bases of operation in India and the U.S., it was essential for Empower to have a U.S. advisor with deep domain knowledge, a strong network of decision-makers in social media and marketing services, and the ability to maintain a disciplined process across multiple time zones. The JEGI team not only met these needs but also demonstrated excellent judgment and tenacity in helping Empower develop and implement its cross-border transaction strategy.”

Debjani Deb
Managing Partner
Empower Research

“Our advisors, JEGI were instrumental in enabling us to complete our US retail and consumer events divestiture program with the sale of GLM despite the difficult economic and financing market conditions that currently prevail. The transaction was executed well and progressed on schedule throughout. ”

Paul Sykes, CFO, DMG Information Group

“We are extremely impressed with JEGI's work on our recently closed deal. The team performed above and beyond expectations in all areas, but there were three that really stood out. First, the JEGI network is remarkably expansive and provided unrivaled access to CEOs and corporate development professionals alike. Second, JEGI ran a tight and detailed process with a rigor and attention to detail that I've rarely seen. Third, the team showed exceptional negotiating skills throughout the process and demonstrated a work ethic and intellect that is truly exceptional. We quite literally could not have done it without them.”

Scott Albro, CEO, Focus Research

“The JEGI Team was an invaluable resource throughout the sale of Sequence Personal to RR Donnelley and clearly showed their deep knowledge and understanding of technology-driven businesses. JEGI recognized the fit of Sequence’s custom publishing software within RRD’s CustomPoint Solutions Group, helped us define our strategy, and was instrumental in closing this transaction between a Fortune 500 giant and an emerging, high-growth technology company, despite challenging market conditions. In short, JEGI’s insights, support and negotiating skills were superlative from start to finish.”

Charles Benaiah, CEO, Sequence Personal

“I can't tell you how impressed we were by JEGI's performance on this deal, in terms of professionalism, business smarts, people skills etc. The team was as accomplished at the strategic as it was with the details and demonstrated a superior grasp of our industry and the market throughout. JEGI was very tough when it needed to be and went toe to toe with the heavy hitters to get us the best deal possible. Your team really kept us all on an even keel throughout this roller coaster ride. On behalf of us all, thank you for representing us.”

Mike McGraw
Managing Partner & COO
Big Fuel Communications

“The Jordan, Edmiston Group (JEGI) did a phenomenal job – again. After selling our Acerno subsidiary in 2008 in a very successful transaction, JEGI again demonstrated their deep understanding of the market, a highly effective investment banking approach, and magnificent teamwork to deliver another great outcome for our company and our investors. The I-Behavior team could not be happier with the results and with how JEGI helped us get there – twice.”

Christopher Dice
Chief Executive Officer

“When an M&A deal is successfully completed, the ultimate praise from the seller to his investment banker is to say, 'I couldn't have done it without you.' That phrase fully describes my feeling about JEGI's role in the sale of our business to Dice Holdings. JEGI's well-structured process, sound financial and strategic advice, as well as the firm's determination were essential in getting the deal done. Hats off to the JEGI team – you earned your fee many times over!”

David Kent

“Forbes' experience with The Jordan, Edmiston Group in the sale of Investopedia was impressive. They quickly grasped the essence and value of the company and identified a range of serious potential buyers. The process was efficient, and the outcome of the sale to ValueClick clearly was very beneficial to all involved.”

Tim Forbes
President & COO
Forbes, Inc.

“When Hearst opted to broaden the products and services we offer to more fully capitalize on the growing digital marketing needs and opportunities of our clients, our company's brands and advertisers, we turned to The Jordan, Edmiston Group to help us with this endeavor. JEGI exceeded our expectations and assisted us in targeting iCrossing as one of a number of viable acquisition candidates in the interactive marketing services and technology spaces. Throughout the process that followed, JEGI's combination of skills, including its deep market knowledge and overall M&A acumen, were hugely helpful in successfully completing this transaction. Our thanks to the entire JEGI team for an exceptional job.”

John Loughlin
EVP & General Manager
Hearst Magazine Group

“We have never worked with an investment bank like yours, where the bankers took part in all discussions through the final contract negotiations and worked as a mediator in critical situations.”

Christoph Schuh, CMO, Tomorrow Focus AG

“I've found JEGI to be insightful and very knowledgeable about the business. They also always stick by their beliefs and are not afraid to tell you the truth.”

Brian Nairn
Chief Executive Officer
Elsevier Science

“We have relied on the business counsel of JEGI over the years; the team's tenacity in completing transactions is notable. We appreciate the strategic skills, attention to detail, good humor and plain speaking that characterize everyone in the company.”

Helen Alexander
Chief Executive Officer
The Economist Group

“Our organization has done very little M&A work, so the guidance and counsel that JEGI provided to Times Publishing in the sale of Congressional Quarterly in 2009 and CQ Press the year before was extremely valuable. I was particularly impressed by the tenacity and discipline of the entire JEGI team, coupled with its professional approach. In a difficult and fragile economy, they navigated to a very successful outcome for both seller and buyer.”

Paul Tash
Chairman and CEO
Times Publishing Company

“Whether it's on the sale side or buy side, Wilma and the JEGI team are phenomenal. JEGI makes a truly full-fledged commitment to a finely tuned process, representing your property in its best light, and searching and soliciting the entire market for potential buyers. Think 'determined' and 'tenacious' -that describes Wilma and JEGI.”

Richard Malloch
President and Group Head
Hearst Business Media

“JEGI gets very high marks for its management of the acerno transaction process and for truly thinking "outside the box" in finding the ideal buyer. From its highly impressive project leadership and efficient management skills, to the team's relentless 24/7 approach to moving the process forward, combined with the savvy and strong instincts of excellent negotiators, JEGI's team delivered everything we had hoped for from our investment banker – and more. Kudos to the entire JEGI team.”

Christopher Dice
President & CEO

“We could not have put this together without JEGI's relationships and insights. I'm very grateful to the firm for every ounce of effort that went into making this happen! And I look forward to getting to the next one.”

Doug Manoni
Chief Executive Officer
Wicks Business Information

“Once again, JEGI's team of bankers delivered outstanding results for dmg, providing sound advice and counsel on this transaction. The team was tenacious, efficient, and added value through each step of the process. We fully appreciate JEGI's commitment to excellence, while working on our behalf.”

Mark Alcock
Deputy CEO
dmg world media

“The JEGI team was an invaluable partner in the sale of University Health Publishing Group. The team's deep network of senior executive relationships and knowledge of the media industry were instrumental to the successful outcome. Their exceptional service, tenacity and attention to detail make it easy for me to strongly recommend JEGI.”

Bill Black

“Jordan, Edmiston did an extraordinary job advising Financial Media Holdings Group in the sale of Compliance Week. Their experience, professionalism, and knowledge of our core business were absolutely invaluable.”

Scott Cohen
Managing Partner
Financial Media Holdings Group

“The JEGI team helped deliver a great outcome for M:Metrics. In a very difficult market and despite unexpected challenges, they stayed focused and tenacious to get the job done with a real win for investors.”

Chip Austin
Managing Principal
i-Hatch Ventures

“JEGI was a critical partner and instrumental to the successful divestiture of our Vision Events business. Their knowledge of the Media and Events space coupled with unique insights and relationships allowed us to accomplish our goals within the context of a very challenging economic environment.”

Craig Safian
Group Vice President, Global Finance and Corporate Development

“I met with eight potential investment banking firms before choosing JEGI. Their senior executive team of investment bankers made it their business to understand the nuances of my business and what was most important to me. JEGI provided me with critically important guidance to ensure maximum value, even in the midst of a global credit crisis. Choosing the right investment banking firm is the most important part of the process for anyone contemplating a transaction. You can count on the experienced professionals at JEGI to get a transaction done, while always keeping your interests as their top priority.”

Leon Behar
Chief Executive Officer
Medical Knowledge Group

“This was my first transaction as an entrepreneur, and I wanted to make sure we were in good hands. We definitely made the right decision in choosing JEGI and Richard Mead. Thank you for a smooth process and successful outcome...and some good humor along the way! I am grateful for your guidance and look forward to working with you again. ”

Jeff Giesea

“I am very grateful to The Jordan, Edmiston Group for all of their efforts and the great success achieved in arranging the sale of Money-Media to the Financial Times. JEGI was right on target with the number of preliminary bidders, the number of final bidders, and the timing of the transaction. More importantly, JEGI delivered, or over-delivered, at every point along the line. And, most importantly, it was fun working with JEGI!”

Michael Griffin
Chief Executive Officer
Money Media

“Thank you for your incredible support through this process (the sale of Circles) – we owe JEGI a HUGE debt of gratitude and feel incredibly fortunate that we had you on our side!”

Kathy Sherbrooke

“JEGI was an absolute star helping us navigate the waters of the process (equity investment by Great Hill Partners). This is our second great experience and outcome with the firm. JEGI has been instrumental in our success and will always have our support and rave review. Thanks a bunch.”

Aaron Broder
Chief Executive Officer
Gorilla Nation Media

“The sale of CQ Press was an impressive piece of work on the part of JEGI, and I suspect nobody who knows of the firm's professional talents would be surprised at a successful transaction outcome. I feel we were most fortunate to have JEGI on our side in this effort, both as to those professional talents that proved so beneficial and as to the enjoyment generated by the experience of working with the firm. So thanks, Wilma, Mike, and the rest of the JEGI team. It was indeed a pleasure.”

Robert W. Merry
Congressional Quarterly

“After working with Jordan, Edmiston on both sides of the table over the past few years, we didn't hesitate in choosing the JEGI team to be on our side during the sale of Pfingsten. From start to finish, they handled the transaction process in excellent fashion and added value every step of the way. The team is talented, tenacious and highly efficient, and they earned our full appreciation for a job well done.”

Tom Bagley
Senior Managing Director
Pfingsten Partners

“JEGI worked with us for a full year to prepare for every aspect of the transaction process. And when it came to crunch time they were very effective negotiators. The result was an outcome that greatly surpassed our going-in expectations, and as importantly, a terrific new growth opportunity for the business and the employees.”

Chris Young
Chief Executive Officer

“JEGI provided superb representation to us throughout the transaction process, leading to a very successful completion. Hiring JEGI was the best money we ever spent!”

Russ Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Gold Standard

“Thank you for all of your efforts in moving this deal (the acquisition of Gold Standard) to a successful conclusion. It was a very fair process, and your team did a great job in managing the people, expectations and overall process. ”

Greg Samios
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development

“I am impressed with JEGI's collective persistence and its ability to stir buyers' interest (regarding the sale of 101 Communications). Great thanks to the entire team for a job so well done.”

Rodney Goldstein
Chairman & Managing Director
Frontenac Company

“Before I engaged JEGI to sell Ad:Tech events, I knew the M&A team was good, but I didn't realize how good they truly are. They know B2B media backwards and forwards, and nobody knows the event business better than they do. If you want to sell your business and maximize value: Hire Jordan Edmiston.”

Joel Davis
President & CEO
JD Events

“When The Jordan, Edmiston Group speaks, it's with the voice of authority and expertise; or, as they would say, "mile deep" knowledge. It's no wonder that executives throughout the B2B media and information industry look to them for insight – they define the term Thought Leader.”

Kevin Wasch
Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)

“Special thanks to the JEGI team for doing an excellent job running the sale process and truly maximizing value for The Governance Institute's shareholders. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations on an excellent outcome!”

James Wilder
Housatonic Partners

“I've always been a great admirer of Wilma Jordan. Her smart analytical skills, savvy business judgment and expert advice make for a winning combination. The success of her firm is the best testimonial of all! Congratulations to Wilma, Bill and the whole JEGI team.”

Cathleen P. Black
Hearst Magazine Group

“Many thanks to all on the JEGI team for a great outcome (on the sale of Peterson's) – we are exceptionally pleased with the final result. It is very interesting how value in this deal was driven not by the traditional publishers, but by other companies in the lead generation business. So, all credit to JEGI for thinking outside the box and getting those participants to take a look!”

Andrew Perrin
Vice President, Business Development
Thomson Corporation

“JEGI did an excellent job. Above and beyond the call. It was not easy, but the final result was just perfect – financially and for the managers. They have a good new partner and should continue to do well. Thanks from all of us.”

Scott Oakford
Hamilton Robinson

“Wilma Jordan and Scott Peters did an excellent job helping Dow Jones sell Dow Jones Financial Publishing Company, publisher of Investment Advisor. They are good planners, and they move quickly and accurately in the closing stages of a deal. As a seller, I respect and appreciate that very much. ”

James H. Ottaway, Jr.
Senior Vice President, Dow Jones
and Chairman of its Ottaway Newspapers Group

“The Jordan, Edmiston Group was extraordinarily successful when I engaged them at Commonwealth Business Media. Their thorough understanding of our business and our objectives was second to none. Their process from start to completion was crisp and efficient. The JEGI team's understanding of valuation drivers, their skill at how best to position our business, and their strong negotiation acumen helped us achieve maximum shareholder value. JEGI was right on target with its analysis, and I always felt we had a real partner with a clear understanding of what works in today's marketplace.”

Alan Glass
Chairman & CEO
Commonwealth Business Media

“The Jordan, Edmiston Group provided invaluable insight and experience in the sale of our company, Information Management Network. On top of exceptional service and attention to detail, they exceeded our expectations in the outcome of our transaction. I would strongly recommend JEGI to anyone who is seeking top-tier investment banking expertise.”

Frank J. Fabozzi
Information Management Network