JEGI has a long history of providing independent investment banking services to a wide array of companies globally across the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) media markets.

Media Model Evolution

The dual forces of innovation and user demand for "what I want, when and where I want it" are continuing to drive the evolution of the multi-platform media environment, including information and marketing products and services delivered online, in person, and in print.

Media M&A has increasingly been focused on major media companies retooling their legacy businesses for growth, including investing in interactive, marketing services and technology assets. JEGI provides extensive media industry expertise to assist these companies in achieving their growth strategies and objectives.

At the same time, emerging media companies and entrepreneurs play a vital role in the evolution of the media industry, and JEGI has assisted numerous groups in the development and ultimate sales of their businesses.

Deep Network of Relationships

JEGI has a deep network of media industry relationships and maintains regular contact with senior-level decision makers across a broad range of media companies and private equity firms. This provides the firm with a unique and valuable perspective on key industry trends, strategies, and investment intentions. As a result, JEGI routinely completes more media transactions than any other firm of any size.

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