2012 Sector Trends: JEGI Partners Share Key Growth Drivers Across Four Markets

This in-depth presentation by four JEGI Partners provides key insights on growth drivers and trends across four market sectors – B2B Marketing Solutions (Richard Mead); Online Display Advertising (Tolman Geffs); Integrated Marketing Services (David Clark); and Direct-to-Consumer (Scott Peters).  As the opening session to JEGI’s 2012 Media & Technology Conference held January 19, 2012 at 10 on the Park at the Time Warner Center in New York City, this presentation set the stage for the rest of the conference, especially in regards to: the increasing use of fully integrated marketing services and solutions; the rising use of data to drive better advertising results; and brands becoming publishers and increasing their use of social media as part of their strategy to reach consumers directly.  For more information, contact JEGI’s Chief Marketing Officer Adam Gross at or +1 212 754 0710.

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