Healthcare IT: Issues, Trends & M&A Outlook

The U.S. healthcare system is facing numerous challenges and undergoing unprecedented change, as a result of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act signed in 2010, creating opportunities for companies across the healthcare landscape. Healthcare information technology, in particular, is an integral part and major beneficiary of healthcare reform, as these solutions seek to remedy many of the industry’s structural problems. This JEGI Sector Insights report identifies major trends that will impact the healthcare IT market, fuel higher growth, and drive M&A activity over the next several years. Business intelligence, clinical informatics, insurance exchanges, social media and patient engagement are being driven by customer demand and will all have a strong influence on the healthcare market in the near future. This, coupled with the large scale adoption of electronic health records and advanced informatics platforms, has led us to the dawn of the information age in healthcare. For more information, contact JEGI’s Chief Marketing Officer Adam Gross at or +1 212 754 0710.

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