Social Media Ecosystem Report: Rise of Users, Intelligence and Operating Systems

JEGI is pleased to share with you the recently released Social Media Ecosystem Report, developed by Amir Akhavan, who covers Technology, Marketing Services, and Interactive at the firm, and supported by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).  In the evolving world of technology, change is a constant state, wherein today’s news often becomes instant history.  As such, this report is intended to do two things: first, to capture a moment in time, to bring its readers up to date on some of the latest developments, as brands become publishers, as advertisers seek ever more finite detail about their targets, and as users reinforce their role as kings of the hill; and second, to provide some observations about where the social ecosystem is likely to go.  For more information, contact Amir Akhavan at or +1 212 754 0710.

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