Tech Trends Driving Transformation

This presentation, given by five JEGI Partners, provides key insights on how technology is driving transformation in the media, marketing, information and healthcare sectors. As the opening session to JEGI’s 2014 Media & Technology Conference, held January 16, 2014, at 10 On the Park in the Time Warner Center in New York City, this presentation helped set the stage for the full day of programming, which was focused on marketing automation and technology. The presentation mentioned several big tech trends that we expect to have a strong impact on the markets JEGI serves, including: personalization 2.0; market places; sensor galore; and more. The JEGI Partners walked through numerous case studies where these trends are coming to reality, including in the case of low energy and low cost GPS technology, branded content and native advertising, trade show technology, and healthcare technology solutions. For more information, contact JEGI’s Chief Marketing Officer Adam Gross at or +1 212 754 0710.

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